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Where pilots, machines, skies and friends meet to to enjoy the finer things in life.

About Us

Who are we?

What are we about?

Launched in August 2020, The British Bulldogs Paramotor Club has an aim to deliver fun social experiences, a coaching environment, a sense of community and also to promote safe and enjoyable paramotoring for all its BHPA registered members.

With club funds we aim to maintain Paramotor areas at the resident airfield, utilize funds for communal activities and maintenance of our online & offline presence.

Crucially we aim to arrange, with enough interest, Group Paramotoring Trips Abroad, Flyins to other Clubs and Downwind Dashes.

Club T-Shirts

It just feels right to have have that Bulldog Logo close to your heart doesn’t it?! You get a free t-shirt on sign up!


Recent Posts

  • XC to Fat Paramotor HQ
    Successful trip 76 mile round trip from Wingland Airfield to Fat Paramotor HQ – (Near Lincoln) 6 Successful round trippers + 1 return to base and 2 machine problems – it could have been 9! A good turn out by all means. Thank you Shaun Favell for your hospitality and an opportunity for the Bull-DoggersContinue reading “XC to Fat Paramotor HQ”
  • Monthly meetup postponed (15.08.20)
    Sorry peeps, a quick look at the forecast will show you why. It’s ashame, but the BBQ in a field and our trip to Rutland from a bulldoggers secret site will just have to happen on another day…hopefully the 16th if there is a massive U-turn. Optimistic…ISH.
  • Membership reaches 20!

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