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XC to Fat Paramotor HQ

Successful trip 76 mile round trip from Wingland Airfield to Fat Paramotor HQ – (Near Lincoln) 6 Successful round trippers + 1 return to base and 2 machine problems – it could have been 9! A good turn out by all means. Thank you Shaun Favell for your hospitality and an opportunity for the Bull-DoggersContinue reading “XC to Fat Paramotor HQ”

The “Bull doggers” plan another meetup…exploring the wolds

Club membership has reached 16!..And all are currently preying to the blue sky gods for a window to fly in the 11th June where we will explore a new launch site and hopefully explore a wee bit of the wolds and or coast line. See how it goes! 7 Members attended – BBQ in aContinue reading “The “Bull doggers” plan another meetup…exploring the wolds”

We get the BHPA’s Thumbs Up

The British Hang Gliding and Paragliding association represents in excess of 7000 members and remains the largest organisation that oversees pIlot and instructor training within these disciplines. The BHPA now recognizes us as a BHPA club and you should see us pop up on the BHPA club database anytime soon. For us, this hopefully meansContinue reading “We get the BHPA’s Thumbs Up”

Video Upload- Late is better than never

CATALONIA TRIP 2019 Once upon a time, in October 2019, a group of 10 elite professional pilots pppppfttt (see 2:10) took command of a Ryanair flight bound to Catalonia to endeavour on an adventure destined for week of sunshine, excessive alcohol consumption, man-faffing and of course flying amongst terrific and beauty scenery. Chris made aContinue reading “Video Upload- Late is better than never”