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Club Members

Club Members

Chris Thompson

Secondment Chairman/ Secondment Communications Officer Member Since Formation

This heroic, tall & handsome chap, with the intelligence of a dolphin, somehow landed the role of chairman and communications officer in 2020 (Partly because he nominated himself). Chris brings passion and drive to make this club be the best it can be.

Outside of the airfield, Chris spends his time serving the NHS as a radiographer and is somehow trusted to report neurological diseases on CT head scans. Bizzare!

Rumor has it, Chris grew a beard to prove he was a real man, only to have to have to fill in the gaps with permanent marker and hair dye.

Sam Smith

Secondment Treasurer/Social Gatherings Officer – Member since formation

Not to be confused with the whiny “Stay With Me” singer. This pleasant gentleman is the King of the foot drags and master of clubhouse collisions.

Oh and keep it quiet but there’s rumors that Sam Smith is actually the infamous comical youtube vlogger “ParaTard” !

When Sam is not on the airfield (which is basically before sunrise and after sunset everyday), Sam plugs himself into the matrix and codes computer thingy’s in the dark. That’s right, Sam is our resident self employed techy genius that moans he’s tired when hes done a whole hour of work.

Martin Stephens

Secondment Safety and Sites Officer – Member Since Formation

Martin is the guy that you have always wanted around a campfire telling stories. Being a former RAF fighter jet pilot and commercial airline pilot, there’s no end of exciting and thought provoking in site and stories that he is always willing to share.

Rumor has it, that he still utilizes any opportunity to wear his G suit and is often seen around Tesco steering his arms like wings and making gattling gun noises to incoming targets (Trolleys).

Off the airfield, Martin runs his own Paramotor accessories company (PROPPG) where you can find a multitude of premium quality paramotoring niceties.

PS. For your own safety, don’t ever ever confuse PROPPG with another well known Paramotor accessories provider. There’s rumors that’s how he lost his hair………….. Anyway, here’s Martin’s Favorite Pictures:

Mike Chilvers

Chief Flight Instructor – Member since formation

This fine, handsome, wise and beautiful gentleman rarely requires an introduction. That’s right folks, British Bulldogs PMC has its own BHPA qualified, former British paramotor competition pilot, INSTRUCTOR. Mike can be available for training through BHPA courses through UFLY4FUN school.

When Mike is off the airfield, Mike is thinking about the airfield – And rumor has it – he had to be detained for unauthorized squatting within the clubhouse.

Mike also is a dealer. Yes, but not the white stuff in a clear poly bag kinda dealer, but one of which provides “bulldog paramotors” – And no, before you start going and thinking it, we the British Bulldogs Paramotor Club are not affiliated with that wonderful, perfectly designed company (a little bit of author bias going on here- sorry!).

Jason Mead-Blandford

Member since May 2020

Howard Bradley

Member since May 2020

During Howard’s initial learning phase, it was rumoured that he solely caused the forestry commission to scramble to replant forests owing the sudden surge of wooden propeller orders. Howard was also selected for Olympic gymnastics team by scoring a perfect 10 by performing a triple twist somersault backflip and pirouette when demonstrating that his paramotor is allegedly resilient to hanger collisions.

Howard’s vibrant personality places a smile on anyone’s face, especially when he’s not impartial to dangling a sausage in front of you expecting you to eat it. A very hospitable gentleman whose enthusiasm and determination for the sport is seen by all.

Off the airfield, Howard runs a management consultancy business thingy and helps corporate restructuring? – I think anyhow.

Regrettably, I feel I must mention Howard’s marvelous campervan. Never has a man been so proud, or honored to own such contraption reflected by his continuous invitations for others to visit and with repetitive campervan conversation initiations.

Welcome Howard (and partnervan) to the club.

Michael Baker

Member since May 2020

Lee Dootson

Member since May 2020

Mick Helliwell

Member since May 2020

Bob Shields

Member since May 2020

Paul Sully

Member since May 2020

Michael O’Hara

Member since May 2020

Your Name Here!

Member since: TODAY?

Our site author would love the opportunity to write your cringe worthy biography. In all honesty, we need you. We need members to help make this club as best as it can be. This club is its members.


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