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Club Merchandise


Nice Try, But all merchandise is currently only available to club members. Pffttt did you really think you could just buy a club mug without being a member? jeeezz

Welcome, to the real “Mug Club”

There’s nothing like standing in a circle with ya chums, on a freezing airfield, all proud, chest out, with steaming coffee coming out of a shiny white and red mug with a stand out British Bulldog PMC club mug is there?!.

Not only that, when you forget your own name, you can simply be reminded by looking at the bottom of your mug. Each Mug is personalised with your name. Partly because several business analysists and market research enthusiasts have reported these mugs are equivalent to rare-earth asteroid elements and should be guarded from the black mug market.

Like all merchandise, club mugs are only available to club members at an inflated cost of £8.00.

Club T-Shirts

Available in S, M, L, XL,

£10.00 *

*Free White T-Shirt when you join the club.

Flight Suit Badges (Colour)


Flight Suit Badges (Black and White)


Embroidered Man Bag


How do I Pay?

Paypal to Chris (at the moment until club bank account is live), see group whatsapp chat.

Where will the money go?

Club piggy bank and spent on club interests and investments only.


Consider Joining The Club

There’s other benefits than just a free T-shirt – we are just trying to think of them, but with more members brains, we hope to make this club what you want it to be.

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